Do you want a dream body? Start with squats!

Are you dreaming of the perfect body? Just wake up and start with squats. You can squat everywhere you want and it is a great way to tone your legs and you backside. But also other parts of your body benefit from squats. 8 reasons why you should add squats to your work out.

Squats exercises actives your circulation by pumping blood through your whole body. This benefits your overall health. The squat exercise results in more nutrients and oxygen in your muscles and vital organs. Nutrients and oxygen in you muscles and vital organs helps against cellulite.

Build muscles in your throughout body
Aldo a squat exercise is mainly focused on your legs the exercise promotes muscle grow around your whole body. The squat exercise is so highly intense that it creates an anabolic environment and that makes the body release hormones, that are vital for the growth of muscles; squats improve strength of your upper and lower body.

Squats are non-impact on your back
Do you have back problems? This is no problem, you can still squat. Squats put non-impact on your back. The exercises also has a non-impact on your knees and ankles.

You don’t need a gym
You can squat wherever you want. At home or at the gym. Early in the morning before work or before you go to bed. The only thing you need is space to exercise.

Walk like a model
Squat exercises improve you posture, it helps you to stand straight and walk like a model!

Manage your weight
Squats help you manage your weight. During the exercise you burn calories and fat. Because of the muscles you build you also burn fat and calories after your exercise.

Beautiful legs
Squats tone you whole leg. This means beautiful legs. During a squat exercise you use every muscle in your leg. Squats help you look even better in your favorite jeans.

Beautiful butt
Last but not least, squats helps you create the perfect strong, round butt. Squats tone all the muscles in your butt. No better exercise for a good butt than a good squat!

Do you do squats?

With love, from Dublin..

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