Summer bodies are made in the winter

It is true, summer bodies are made in the winter. You are probably
not thinking about wearing your summer clothes or swimming suit right now. December diners, hot chocolate and other December sweets are tempting and summer seems far away. But see the winter as an opportunity to work for a summer body. If you want to look great in the summer you should start today!

How do you want to look and feel this summer?
Think about how you want to look and fee this summer. Maybe you have a good picture or a short video of yourself of somebody else with you “dream” body. Try to visualize your goal. Be sure that you see the picture or video everyday so you remind yourself everyday about your goal

Habits are the most important
Start with the simple things. Do you like your healthy breakfast? Start with that first and get used to it. When you feel good with your healthy breakfast add than for example a healthy lunch. Build you new lifestyle don’t try to start with everything at the same time. Get used to you healthy life!

Tell everybody about your healthy lifestyle and find support
Tell everybody about your healthy lifestyle. Explain why you focus on healthy food and find people who support you. When people know about your plans they understand why you skip the hot chocolate and they can support you.

You can enjoy a Christmas diner and still have a summer body. It is good to focus on a healthy lifestyle not a heavy diet. But it is true what they say, summer bodies are made in the winter. Think about that when you want to take a second Christmas sweet.

With love, from Dublin..

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