Twitter is more than fun

Twitter is one of my favorite social networks. I spend a lot of my free time on Twitter joining Twitter chats, tweet with people and ready content. I’m very sure Twitter makes me smarter (my excuses to use Twitter very often) but there are more reasons why Twitter is just very cool.

You meet new nice people everyday. Twitter is the perfect place to meet new people because everybody is on the same level and everybody is willing to speak with you. You can follow everybody you like. You can even send tweets to directors or your local hero’s. And when you do it right, they will tweet you back 🙂

You can share ideas and ask for feedback. On Twitter everybody is very willing to help and to give you feedback. You will see that you can learn from other Twitter users.

You can ask questions and you will have the answers in a few minutes. That’s what I really like about Twitter, the interactions. When you use the right hashtags for your questions you will receive an answer before you have time to Google it. Ask for a good restaurant of a nice hotel and you will have advise in a few minutes. And sometimes the best answers come from people you have never met!

You can help others by giving answers on questions or by sharing interesting content. It is a great feeling to help other people, Twitter is a great place to do this.

Twitter helps you to communicate better. You only have 140 character to write you message. This learns you to create short messages and to come quick to the point. When you tweet a lot your emails will be shorter and you messages will be more clear.

Twitter is one of my favorite sources for good articles. Good content is always available and it doesn’t matter what your interest is. You can search very specific or very broad, you will always find what you need.

And Twitter is even better than a bar because it is open 24/7!

Do you use Twitter?

With love, from Dublin..

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