Do you want a healthy body and mind? Work out!

Working out makes me happy. Not only running but also a spinning class or a work out in the gym. A good work out helps me to stay in shape and gives me energy. The happy feeling after a work out makes me addicted to sports. But there are more reason why a good work out is healthy for you!

A work out brings you in a good mood
When you are very stressed or you had a busy day it is great to do a work out to relax. The work out will help you clear your mind. After the work out you have new energy. Go to the gym after a busy day and you will feel happy after your work out, I promise, you will love it!

Prevent against chronic diseases
When you work out 3-4 times a week you will prevent yourself against chronic diseases. Research shows that women who work out live longer and have less diseases.

Control your weight
Sporting helps you to control your weight. When you sport often you will have a lower fat percentage. During your work out you build muscles. Those muscles help you after a work out as well. Muscles not only make you look better but they also help to burn fat. This means that you can burn fat during the whole day. (You need to combine sports with healthy food, otherwise you will sport for nothing).

Work outs give you more energy
After a busy day you only want to go home and do nothing. But a work out will give you new energy. In the morning it is great to work out because you will have energy for the whole day. This is because of the high amount of oxygen and nutrients that circulate in your body when you work out. During this process you condition improves and you will feel the energy.

Better nights, longer sleeps
Sporting helps you to sleep better and more easy. This is because of the energy you have during the day. You can focus on your job during the day and relax in the evening when you want to go to sleep. Don’t sport to late in the evening, you body needs some time after a work out before you can sleep.

Sporting is fun
Find a sport that you really like and do this often. The more you sport the better it will feel and the more you will love it. And being in shape makes everybody happy!

With love, from Dublin..

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