Motivate yourself and love running

For me, nothing feels better than a run, early in the morning or after a long day at work. Running helps me relax and makes me energetic in busy times. It feels great to run during all the different seasons. The warm sun in the summer, the beautiful sky in the fall, the cold wind in the winter and the fresh flowers in the spring. I’m officially addicted to running, it keeps me healthy and in shape. These tips will motivate you, to love running as much as I do.

No excuses
Don’t try to find an excuse not to go. Sometimes it is hard to motivate yourself. Rain and cold weather are not the best motivators. Think about the feeling after your run, sometimes you just have to be hard for yourself. If you find an excuses today, you will also find one tomorrow.

Run with other people
Run in a group or with a friend. When you run together it will be harder to skip a training. You will motivate each other and it is more fun!

Reward yourself
Give yourself a small reward after a run. (not junk food of course) A reward can be an episode of your favorite tv show or a warm bad. Small rewards will motivate you to go for a run also when it rains.

Run in the morning
I prefer to run in the morning. It is a great way to wake up and I have energy for the whole day. After a long day of work it can be hard to motivate yourself to go for a run. If you run in the morning it is quieter and it feels great to finish are run before everybody wakes up.

Run, don’t sprint
A lot of new runners run to hard. The best tempo is a tempo that feels comfortable. Don’t sprint as fast as you can, find a tempo that fits your body. With a “slower” tempo it is more easy to run longer distances and it is more fun.

See the benefits
Be aware of the benefits. Enjoy the small happy moments you will have during a run. Happy moments can be the sun set, a smile from another runner or an extra mile without feeling tired. Enjoy the beautiful moments!

Set goals
Set goals so you know what to train for. Goals can be a competition be also a longer distance than you are used to. Reaching your goal will motivate you and will make you a better runner.

Track your activity
Nothing feels better than seeing your results after a run. Tracking is very easy and can be done with your mobile. If you are a more advanced runner you can invest in a runners watch. It is good to track your body reaction during a run. This makes you more aware of your body and it helps you getting stronger and faster.

Running is fun
See running as something nice and not as a sanction. Running has to be fun. If you really don’t like it don’t push yourself. And if you like it, enjoy every moment!

Enjoy your run.

With love, from Dublin..

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