Let social media help you get your dream job

Do you dream of an international carrier? Or do you want a new job close by home? Believe me, social media will make it happen for you.
More than a year ago my boyfriend and I made the decision to relocate in Dublin. Why? Because Dublin is international, beautiful and carrier-wise for both of use the best place to work. I have a great job at an international IT company. Social media is an important part of my daily job and that’s what makes me happy. Do you need some helping getting your dream job? These tips will help you:

A good LinkedIn profile.
Maybe you like social media, maybe you don’t. But, if you want a new job you have to start liking LinkedIn (Or make it look like you like it). LinkedIn is the perfect place to create you online CV. Your online CV needs to have at least a good picture, a professional job description, a short summary, experience and you contact details. The more active you are on LinkedIn the more recruiters will find your profile and will contact you. Share at least 3 times a week content related to your current job or the dream job you want.

Connect with people
When you profile is complete it is time to connect with people. The power of LinkedIn is the network you create. Connect with people who add value to your profile not just everyone. Always make your invites personal when you invite people on LinkedIn to join your network.

Reach out to the right people
After connecting with people you know, it is time to connect with people who will help you getting your dream job. When you apply for a job, online or offline, it is always hard to stand out. On LinkedIn you are free to connect with everybody. Find people on LinkedIn who work at you dream company. Send those people personalized invites and ask them for more information about the company or their job. Specially on LinkedIn people are very willing to help. Ask those people for help by applying for your dream job. You will see that most of the people will help you by mentioning your name at the right person in the company. And when that happens, you can be sure you stand out between all the other applicants.

Good luck!

With love, from Dublin..

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